steampunk dragon 2

Because I haven't posted in a while.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Entropy12!

I killed Alaana Fair the leprechaun.

I looted the Crown of Aberforths Rug, the Axe of Faithwood, the Dagger of Mickawber Fics, the Amulet of Romance and 50 gold pieces.

Score: 150

Explore the Dungeon of Entropy12 and try to beat this score,
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steampunk dragon 2

Blue Dragons!!

Thank you to everyone who gifted me with a blue dragon or a glass heart last month.
[info]entropy12 (ya so I sent one to myself. So what.), [info]dragon_charmer
beren_writes[info]yumekutteiktshades_of_dray[info]alisanne veritas03
[info]sassy_cissa byaghro[info]sesheta_66[info]herumtreiber, and  faithwood
Black Dragon 2


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